Custom Blending Process

Step 1 — Confidentiality Agreement

  • A confidentiality agreement is executed to protect the confidentiality of the client’s and All Seasonings Ingredients’ proprietary information..

Step 2 — Control Sample and Recipe

  • The client provides All Seasonings Ingredients with a small control sample and/or recipe of the applicable blend(s).

Step 3 — Blend Sampling

  • All Seasonings Ingredients prepares blend samples based on the control sample, recipe and requested pack size. These blend samples are given to the client for evaluation.

Step 4 — Client Feedback & Approval

  • The client provides feedback on the blend samples. If adjustments are needed, All Seasonings Ingredients prepares new samples for the client to evaluate until the blend meets the client’s needs.
  • Once the blend meets the client’s needs, a Custom Blend Agreement is executed, affirming the blend approval, and formalizing both parties’ agreement with regard to selling and purchasing the blend(s).

Step 5 — Pricing Setup, Production, & Labeling

  • Pricing is issued based on the client’s pack size needs as well as All Seasonings Ingredients’ 500-pound Minimum Order Quantity.
  • Client and item set up is completed, enabling All Seasonings Ingredients to begin production of the blend(s).

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