Custom Blend

Custom blends exclusively for you
Our research and development team are culinary experts with extensive food product knowledge. We are continually experimenting and creating new flavor profiles or replicating existing ones. We can help you by recommending flavor enhancements to current recipes, or work with you to create an exclusive blend to market.

If you have a “secret recipe” that you would like us to custom blend, you can be confident it stays secret by our adherence to a confidentiality agreement and the utmost professionalism of our team. Guaranteed consistency and portion control ensure quality, flavorful results every time!

71We are Kosher
All of our products are kosher. We partner with Young Israel of West Hempstead to provide the finest in kosher spices and ingredients to satisfy your needs.


For those who desire an organic source, we have a variety of spices available.


For more information, contact one of our sales professionals today at 1-800-ALL-SPICE (255-7742)